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From Fearful to Fearless!

Fearless SnoopyFrom fearful to FEARLESS, is a shorter leap than most would think.

I recently read a post by Tara Reed on the entitled “Comfort or Courage?”  A great post that it all comes down to a choice between being comfortable and or being uncomfortable for a while when you chose to be courageous.

“Most of the things you dream of, that you don’t already have, are just outside that comfort zone. Here’s to your creative success!”  – Tara Reed

Tara helps artists succeed by bridging the gap between creativity and business.  Check out her post “Comfort or Courage” and choose to be courageous.  You never know what just may happen or is within your reach!

I am taking a leap of courage the next two months and participating in the OctPoWriMo and NaNaWriMo! Write a poem a day during October, 31 in all, and write a 50,000 word novel during November. Watch for updates!

Now what are you going to do?


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In the Zone of Discomfort

A great post by Alyson Stanfield of about breaking out of your comfort zone as an artist and a person!

Attendees at Art Biz Coach workshops are deliberately placed into uncomfortable situations.

They are asked to 1) meet everyone in the room before the end of the event; 2) share workshop exercises with people they don’t know; and 3) change seats so they sit next to someone new.

I do this because dealing with discomfort is necessary for growth as an artist and as a businessperson.

Some of the ways artists stay in their comfort zones:

– Entering the same exhibitions year after year
– Maintaining membership in a group whose members are not growing
– Sticking close to a friend at art openings rather than meeting new people
– Writing a newsletter that looks like every other artists’ newsletter
– Using an artist statement from five years ago
– Promoting their art the same way year after year without seeing results
– Having a website that hasn’t changed in three years

If any of these sound familiar, I challenge you to get uncomfortable with your art, with your marketing, and with your life.

Take the statement that rings true and, if you think it would help with your progress, turn it on its head.

Click here for the other 5 tips and to share your experience!

Alyson Stanfield is an artist advocate and business mentor at This article was originally published in her Art Biz Insider, which is sent weekly to thousands of artists who are elevating their businesses. Start your subscription now and read more articles like this at