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The Work of Art?


The chaos of creative expression and the creation of art is limitless. I have been asked how long it takes to create certain pieces of art and that is often hard to answer.

The final center design above combining the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos logos took many hours from idea to completion.  There were many preliminary drawings of ideas, further sketches on different papers and color studies using pastels and colored pencils. 

Art does not just happen but the journey from vision to completion is fraught with twists and turns,  stops and starts. I would not have it any other way, that is where the joy resides.

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January Nights

"January Nights"  Colored pencils and pastels, 8x10 inches, Mark Schutter ©2014
“January Nights”              Colored pencils and pastels         8×10 inches                  Mark Schutter ©2014
A bright fiery yellow tail and mane billow in the wind from this black beauty, sending dancing shadows into the black as he prances through the cold dark of January Nights!  Enjoy! ~M
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Art – A Productive Day in September

A Productive September Sunday - 2013

Today in the Pacific Northwest it rained with thunder and lightning so it was a perfect day to stay indoors and create art.  With some upcoming events this fall and winter I wanted to get some ideas and designs down on paper.  I am happy with the results especially since I spilled a bottle of ink all over my art table first thing, even splashing some of the designs.  But I got creative and managed to make something out of the chaos!

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Forged in Fires

forged in fires ~ beyond the stars

comes the promise ~ seeking lost hearts

 shattering the dark ~ forever hope remains

"Forged in Fire"        ©Maleko 201215 x 22 inches  Mixed Media (Watercolors, Pastels & Colored Pencils)
“Forged in Fires”    Maleko©2012    15×22 inches
     Watercolors, Pastels & Colored Pencils

sparks of eternity ~ invade the present

time between time ~ a kingdom advances

within silent moments ~ sacrificial love wins