Reflections of Attraction

“Reflections of Attraction” Mark Schutter ©2010 7×9 inches, Colored pencils

Ideas spring forth,

from dark places unseen.

Eternity calls down,

into the moments between.

Reflections of attraction,

hidden within each heart.

“Reflections of Attraction in the Night” Mark Schutter ©2010 7×9 inches, Colored pencils and Photoshop

Shadows in the night,

screams shake the dark.

Lost in the black,

a single breath escapes.

The arcing of each life,

ascends into the serpentine.

~Mark Schutter ©2013

Follow Your Dreams


Follow Your DreamsA 4×6 inch postcard colored pencil drawing by my daughter for an upcoming Art’s Walk event in Olympia, WA.  Words of truth spoken from a child and the beauty of simple pleasures.  We should all remember to follow our dreams! ~M