To Love Unconditionally – Guest post by Darren Tinnerstet

To Love UnconditionallyWhy do we love
Love is so strange
Love can be addictive

What makes love real
Is love all heart
Or is love emotion

How you show love
Makes love so unique
My form of love
Is to love unconditionally

~Darren Tinnerstet Β©2015

Another great guest post from one of the members of my work creative writing group. In response to my challenge to them to write a poem of 10 lines in which each line must contain the word love. Thank you Darren, great job!Β  Hope my readers have enjoyed reading some other writers for a change. πŸ™‚


Love is Her… – Guest post by Max Smith

Love is Her...
Love is the knowing look across the room

Love is the touch of her skin to yours

Love is her emotions in sync with yours

Love is your tears bring hers

Love is her smile brings yours

Love is the lingering taste of her lips on yours after a kiss

Love is her passionate embrace and the elation you get from it

Love is the joy you get when her smell lingers after such an embrace

Love is her

Love is what i’m in

~Max Smith Β©2015

A great post by Max from my work writing group in response to the challenge to write a poem of 10 lines with the word love in every line.Β  You can view this poem also on Max’s blog which he titled Love Eternal, be sure to give him a follow and support.Β  Great job Max!


Love Brings Me Back – Guest post by Francine Gagne

Love Brings Me BackHow do you love?
Is love a feeling?
Is love a thought?

Love is a weapon
Love is a savior

Where does love start?
In the beginning love

Without self love, empty
A soul lost, rudderless

Love brings me back

~Francine Gagne Β©2015

Yet, another poetry submission from the recent challenge to my work writing group. 10 lines with the word love in every line. I am surrounded by talented people.Β  Great job Francine!


Love is a Key – Guest post by Greg Kopta


LOVE is a keySharing another poem from the recent writing challenge to my writing group at work to write a poem of 10 lines with the word love in every line.Β  This one is from Greg >

Love whispers in shadows.
Love dances with starlight.

Love binds the wounds
That love has created.
Love soothes the fears
That love has inspired.
Love is a key
To love’s own lock.

To feel’s to love;
To love, to live.

~Greg Kopta Β©2015