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Are You Struggling?

People with broken 💔 hearts often don’t know who they are anymore. #Quote #Grief

You’ve most likely heard it said to be kind as everyone is fighting a battle nobody else knows about. Thus, many feel alone and lost.

➡️ This truth has come up many times in my conversations with others.

If you are struggling I will come alongside you. ~Job 2:13

I have stood by the bedside holding the hand of my late wife as she died. I had to turn and leave her. Leaving everything I had ever known and thus began my own walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I have been there and now I want to help others.

Reaching out takes strength and courage. Send me a message via my contact page to schedule a free 15 minute intro call to see if we are a good fit and if I can help.

👊 God bless! Joshua 1:9


What dangerous value hides in fearless vulnerability of the heart?


a tattered soul hangs in the air
broken memories litter the stairs
behind the chaos tired and torn
weathered camouflage is worn

broken hearts forgotten and forlorn
a house once and a home no more
lonely ghosts haunt the halls
of plaster camouflaged of walls

~Mark Schutter ©2016

How often do we hide, camouflaged if you will, from others and even ourselves?

False Images
The false image we present to the world will eventually become our reality and then colors everything we know and are. This is not truth, but a lie. I do not want to live this way.

The Difficulty
Openness is difficult, transparency is rife with trapdoors and there is fear in vulnerability and is so often ridiculed by others. Our hearts must be protected yes, but also true freedom is only found in healing the broken places we all carry deep inside.

The Questions
How do you see yourself, how do you believe others see you? What is your truth? Will you drop the camouflage and emerge into the open or will you continue to hide?


Angry Scars

 Angry ScarsSometimes the scars are angry.
Sometimes they scream.
Sometimes the scars will bleed.
Sometimes they whisper.
Sometimes the scars…
are just what we need.

Each jagged line.
Each memory it marks.
Each time we remember.

Our past is gone,
forever we’re told.
We are left with tracks,
embedded deep within our souls.
Leaving behind what never comes back.

Each piece lost.
Each fading dream.
Each time we awake.

The future is bright,
with unwritten chapters.
A life forever He is sealing,
as our hearts cry in the dark.
On this journey we pray for healing.

Sometimes the scars are angry.
Sometimes they scream.
Sometimes the scars will bleed.
Sometimes they whisper.
Sometimes the scars…
are just what we need.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

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Battles We Face

Just because you don’t see anything happening
doesn’t mean that something isn’t happening. ~God

The battles we face
The wars raging about us
The lies we are told over and over
God cares about me more than I do
God is doing more than I can understand
God is strengthening me in spite of my weakness
God is good and only He can heal the broken hearts
The battles we face
The struggles we encounter
The lies in our minds we tell ourselves
Each person we encounter is fighting
Each person we see is carrying the burdens
Each person we love and hate is lovingly adored by God
Each person is not merely a mortal but eternally infinite
The battles we face
The help we so often need
The love we crave sits at the door
As we carry our broken hearts
His heart bleeds for only He has what we need
For long ago He has already won the battles we face

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Battles We FaceMy entire family has been sick since Christmas; first my daughter, then my wife and now me. It sucks as I am sure you all know. Now I am not complaining because I believe in something bigger than myself and this and other trials will only make us stronger.  It is so easy to get mired in our circumstances and this is a reminder that this too shall pass. ~M