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The Blood Moon

Flowing crimson red,
the night carries her tenderly,
across the dark abyss.
Through the centuries,
legends are made in the telling,
of demons,
of witches,
of ghosts and ghouls.
An evil that grows,
and a lust that burns
leaving haunting passions breathless.
Her mystery is timeless
and her mesmerizing beauty devours,
in pain,
in madness,
in suffering and regret.
All is lost in a glance,
and souls like kindling
are sentenced and bound to forever burn,
Trapping unwary souls,
within her endless liquid depths
devoured by the scarlet heart of the blood moon.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Blood Moon - Oct 2014


Poem #8 of 31 for October Poetry Writing Month, #OctPoWriMo

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The Blood Moon

Photo Credit: VegaStar Carpentier Website – http://www.space.com/18307-blood-red-hunters-moon-photo.html


under the night I walk

under dark I stalk

left alone

in the cold

twinkling stars are overhead

twinkling memories in my head

lost inside

in the fear

the blood within starts to slip

the blood moon begins to drip

Mark Schutter ©2013

This was written for Frefree write friday kellie elmoree Write Friday from the image prompt  above using what is called stream of consciousness writing, no editing, no proofing just writing! Please check out Kellie Elmore’s official site or click on the Free Write Friday Image for more information. 

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