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Creating Art and the Kalam Cosmological Argument

The ‘kalam cosmological argument’ is an argument for the existence of God.  The word kalam means ‘speech’ or ‘doctrine’ in Arabic and began with Muslim theologians who believed in creation. The most famous Muslim proponent was al-Ghazali who lived from 1058-1111.  Kalam came to characterize the whole medieval movement in Islamic theology  during this time period and eventually got passed back into Latin-speaking Christendom through Jewish thinkers who lived side by side with Muslim theologians.  
 The kalam argument has three simple steps – 

Step 1 – Whatever begins to exist has a cause
Step 2 – The universe began to exist
Step 3 – Therefore, the universe has a cause

I began to think about this argument from the viewpoint of proving the existence of art and/or the creative process.  A fruitless endeavor?  Perhaps, but entertaining and interesting none the less.  Below is what I have come up with so far.
  1. What begins as a thought is a gift
  2. Art begins with a thought
  3. Therefore art is gift
  1. What begins as a vision can become reality
  2. Art begins with a vision
  3. Therefore art portrays reality
  1. What begins as an idea is true
  2. Art begins as an idea
  3. Therefore art is true
Can you come up with any others related to art or the creative process?  Or other things?  Post your comments below!
“Majestic Fires”                             ©Maleko 2011
24×18 Acrylic on Canvas                    (Hand painted using no brushes)

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